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Sleep Program

Sleep Program Sleep is an important part of our lives, we spend up to 30% of our life time in it. The normal amount of sleep for a person per day is 7-8 hours. Sleep is a critical foundation for the restoration of the torso and its schemes. Therefore, its violation entails the occurrence of… Continue reading Sleep Program

Job Program

Job Program The modern pace of life resembles a rat race that exhausts all the forces out of a person. A person forgets about taking care of himself, his desires and needs. Under the influence of an external load, very often the connection with one’s inner “I”, the inner voice, which signals that it is… Continue reading Job Program

Fitness Program

Fitness Program At the present time of the “great” civilization, when, due to the educational or working process, a person ceases to monitor his physical body, which negatively affects his mental health as well, the issue of fitness has become extremely important. Especially if we want to be healthy, calm and focused. The Healy Fitness… Continue reading Fitness Program

Learning Program

Learning Program As psychological studies in the field of learning effectiveness and assimilation of material show, in order to achieve maximum results in studies, the internal state of the student should be light and cheerful. But now most students are faced with enormous psychological strain, increased pressure for results, reinforced by social phobia and intra-group… Continue reading Learning Program

Local Stimulation Programs

Local Stimulation Programs Healy's Local Stimulation programs are very well suited for emergency local pain relief. Either you are just worried about bad sensations in the body, or already specifically at the location of the pain - back, mouth, joints, head. Another part of the local stimulation programs is aimed at eliminating insomnia, relieving psychological… Continue reading Local Stimulation Programs

Gold Cycle Program

Gold Cycle Program Gold Cycle is the foundation of the basics in working with the Healy device. This is where the process of recovery and healing begins. We start with the Pure program, continue with the Care program, then the Balance program, then Being, move on to Energy, go to the Relax program, and end… Continue reading Gold Cycle Program

Digital Su-Jock

Digital Su-Jock One of Healy camere's rooms offers a digital version of Su-Jock, an ancient oriental acupuncture practice that has shown remarkable healing results. But now all happens without needles and without traveling to East ). In classic Chinese cure, the basic power of Chi disperses via routes or meridians. Blending to this approach, there… Continue reading Digital Su-Jock

Resonance analysis of the Healy

Resonance analysis of the Healy Vibrance test is only one of Healy exclusive and amusing aspects. Vibrance test is a action that allows Healy to control fundamentally needs of density balanced quantum info ranges with one or all of the contrasting treatment programs, such as golden or the bioenergy harmony plan. Result is, beetwen more… Continue reading Resonance analysis of the Healy

Who made Healy

Who made Healy Deep research in the field of quantum physics for decades, gave its enormous results. German scientists, Marcus Schmieke, Burkhard Heim, in collaboration with the Portuguese Nuno Nina, managed to create a new type of diagnostics and treatment of people and animals - the Healy device! Marcus Schmieke - physicist and mathematician, lived… Continue reading Who made Healy