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Meridians 1

Meridians 1

Meridians 1

Meridians 1

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the energy in the human body flows through so-called channels or meridians. There are 12 main meridians, each of which is responsible for the corresponding system of internal organs. Acupuncture points are located on the meridians, the structure of which looks like pearls strung on a string. A practicing reflexologist during treatment, acts with needles on acupuncture points and in this way activates the treatment of certain organs and systems.
The Healy “Meridians” programs do the same as the reflexologist, but painlessly and at home.


Meridian of allergy

Bioenergetic desensitization of energy flows

Connective tissue

Bioenergetic normalization of connective tissue


Normalization of energy management in the bladder

Large intestine

Tuning the biofield of the large intestine

Small Intestine

Tuning Energy Management in the Small Intestine

Fatty degeneration

Bioenergetic regulation of the processes of assimilation of substances by cells


Bioenergetic regulation of fat absorption processes


Achieving a bioenergetic balance of flexibility


Bioenergetic activation of energy flows in the skin


Bioenergetic activation of energy flows in the heart

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Meridians 1


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