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Chakras or energy centers are the basis for techniques in yoga and spiritual healing work and form the basis of the energy healing of the human body. Chakras act as energy transformers, receiving energy flows from the Cosmos and the Earth. There are 7 chakras in the body, from the root to the crown, which are located along the spine, each with its own set of characteristics and functions. Between the chakras flows the energy of Kundalini or Qi, the potential of which grows from the bottom up as it passes through each center.
Each chakra is tied to the corresponding organs and glands, performing the function of energy supply and maintaining a healthy life. Any disease or ailment in the human body is immediately reflected in the chakras, and these signs can be used to successfully treat these diseases. The Healy “Chakras” programs serve to energize and strengthen the chakras, restoring them to their original healthy state.


Root Chakra

Bioenergetic optimization of the root chakra and laying the foundation for the overall health of the body

Sacral Chakra

Bioenergetic optimization of the sacral chakra and the opening of creative energy

Solar plexus chakra

Bioenergetic optimization of the solar plexus chakra and strengthening of energy potential and self-confidence

Heart Chakra

Bioenergetic optimization of the heart chakra and opening the energy of love

Throat Chakra

Bio-Energetic Optimization of the Throat Chakra and Opening of Advanced Communication

Forehead Chakra

Bioenergetic optimization of the forehead chakra and opening of the third eye and intuition

Crown chakra

Bioenergetic optimization of the crown chakra and connection with the Creator

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