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Learning Program


Learning Program

Learning Program

As psychological studies in the field of learning effectiveness and assimilation of material show, in order to achieve maximum results in studies, the internal state of the student should be light and cheerful. But now most students are faced with enormous psychological strain, increased pressure for results, reinforced by social phobia and intra-group competition, which lead to a loss of concentration and internal exhaustion.
Healy has several programs on this topic that strengthen memory and concentration, stabilize the nervous system and increase the level of assimilation of subjects. The most necessary Healy program during the exam, plunging into a wonderful deep sleep and completely restoring the body before the exam.

Systematic training

Energetic activation of the entire central nervous system

Intensive training

Assistance in the learning process through transcranial electrical stimulation


Bioenergetic activation of brain metabolism

Systematic concentration

Systematic concentration

Concentration intense

Increased concentration due to transcranial electrical stimulation

Systematic exams

Assistance before exams through transcranial electrical stimulation

Exam Intensive

Energetic activation to relieve anxiety before exams

Systematic stress

Energetic stimulation to enhance the efficiency of the creative process

Acute stress

Improving well-being through transcranial electrical stimulation

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Learning Program


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