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Gold Cycle Program


Gold Cycle Program

Gold-Cycle-ProgramGold Cycle is the foundation of the basics in working with the Healy device. This is where the process of recovery and healing begins. We start with the Pure program, continue with the Care program, then the Balance program, then Being, move on to Energy, go to the Relax program, and end with the Release program.
In the Gold Cycle, the so-called “golden frequencies” are mainly used, which were discovered by the Portuguese scientist Nuno Nina, over more than 15 years of research work.

Pure – the Pure program is very suitable for those who have touched Healy for the first time. Its purpose is to give impetus to the restoration of human bioenergy from the negative energy impact of the external environment, toxic substances, fast food, poor-quality water and other factors that clog our body

Care is a common truth that a weak aura is the root of many very unpleasant diseases. Healy will allow you to amplify your aura by using biocurrents of the required frequencies. Care also includes a healing procedure that prevents the appearance of deviations in your aura

Balance – up to a millimeter debugs the balance in the work of all body systems – this is an extremely necessary thing that gives us a feeling of calm and joy. All this in general, determines the biobalance in the work of the urinary, circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal systems. Balance is very necessary to comprehensively bring a person into a state of complete energy balance

Being is an analogue of the Being program, only in the context of the human soul. Its task is to return the original balance of a person in emotions and feelings

Energy – fueling a person’s ability to work with energy. It is equally necessary for people who are seriously involved in sports, and for people with a high level of stress at work, and for the ubiquitous housewives. The Energy program will remove the negativity with your physical condition in the energy plane

Relax – the Relax program gives a general relaxation result, removing the effects of various stresses. Nervous experiences have repeatedly become the cause of increased acidity and imbalance in the body. It has long been known that most diseases in humans come from the nerves. The current realities of human life do not allow you to relieve yourself of stress every day, so the Healy device will always help you with this

Release – there are many reasons why physical suffering occurs. Whether it’s a lot of stress, or it’s an unhealthy environment and nutrition. The Release program is the final one in the Gold Cycle, summing up and systematizing all the previous ones

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Gold Cycle Program