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Job Program


Job Program


The modern pace of life resembles a rat race that exhausts all the forces out of a person. A person forgets about taking care of himself, his desires and needs. Under the influence of an external load, very often the connection with one’s inner “I”, the inner voice, which signals that it is time to take a break and give the body and soul a rest, is lost. If this is abused and is in an overloaded state for a long time, then you will get chronic fatigue syndrome, internal exhaustion, sleep loss, nervousness, and in the worst case, illness. Lucky, if not chronic.
The developers of Healy calculated the help that is needed under modern loads and developed a package of programs that are aimed at achieving deep relaxation and stabilization of the physical, mental and emotional state.


Energetic activation of mental clarity

Positive thinking

Bioenergetic stimulation of positive thinking

Balancing the nervous system

Energetic activation of beta rhythms


Bioenergetic reduction of the role of stress

Systemic overwork

Energetic regulation of adrenal hormones

Acute overwork

Increasing resistance to stress by transcranial electrical stimulation

Extreme Stress

Energetic support for mental and physical balance

Deep relaxation

Energetic optimization of body relaxation

Healy company offers you a unique device with smartphone app where you can self-diagnose and treat yourself using Quantum Wave Medicine!

Job Program


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