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Sleep Program


Sleep Program

Sleep Program

Sleep is an important part of our lives, we spend up to 30% of our life time in it. The normal amount of sleep for a person per day is 7-8 hours. Sleep is a critical foundation for the restoration of the torso and its schemes. Therefore, its violation entails the occurrence of disorders and diseases in the future – physical fatigue, weakening of the general vitality, immune and anxious schemes, in the number one place.
The Healy device allows you to relaxation faster after a busy day at work or family strain and immerses you in a healthy deep sleep.

Systemic sleep

Balanced power immersion in the delta state – intense therapeutic kip

Bed rest

Bioenergetic stimulation of the roles of the parasympathetic anxious scheme (regeneration, relaxation)

Balanced sleep

Energetic maximization of the intense kip step


Energy stimulation by directing the stream of ions in the torso

Healy company offers you a unique device with smartphone app where you can self-diagnose and treat yourself using Quantum Wave Medicine!

Sleep Program


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