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Mental Balance Program


Mental Balance Program


The psyche and subconscious include complex processes that occur in the human body. Such as personal experiences, brain activity, a set of individual psychological characteristics of each person. In the body of each person, the body, spirit, and mind are united together. This has a downside – an imbalance in the psyche can lead to physical illness. This phenomenon is known as psychosomatics. Conversely, for example, an unhealthy heart can cause mental illness. When this inner balance is inviolable, then the person as a whole is healthy and cheerful.
Post-traumatic syndrome can also affect the current state of a person, working from the unconscious and destroying the physical and spiritual level. Anxiety, neurosis, depression, unhealthy addictions can occur. For the energy maintenance of the human psyche, the Healy company has created the following set of programs.

Systemic inner strength

Bioenergetic strengthening of self-confidence during periods of increased anxiety

Emotional well-being

Bioenergetic balance of emotional obstacles

Systemic well-being

Bioenergetic activation of confidence in periodic depression

Satisfaction is systemic

Bioenergetic balance of internal sensations to prevent additive and compensatory behavior

Satisfaction Intense

Strengthening inner harmony through transcranial electrical stimulation to overcome nicotine addiction

Inner unity

Bioenergetic reformation of the feeling of psychological integrity

Mental well-being

Bioenergetic balance to prevent compulsive behavior

Increased mental balance

Maintaining psychological balance through transcranial electrical stimulation

Healy company offers you a unique device with smartphone app where you can self-diagnose and treat yourself using Quantum Wave Medicine!

Mental Balance Program


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