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Skin Program


Skin Program


We are all not immune from the appearance of wounds, both accidental and violent, which can lead to a violation of the mucous membrane, the integrity of the skin or internal organs. Using the Healy “Skin” program, you are doing energy stimulation of the body that has abrasions, cuts, bruises, bruises, surgical wounds, you contribute to the accelerated regeneration of damaged cells.
Acne, by and large, occurs on the face of a person. In addition to visual deficiencies, this problem is also accompanied by pain. The internal struggle that occurs in a sick person is literally reflected on his face and on his mental state. Healy “Skin”, in this case, provide full energy support for the patient’s damaged skin.
If the injury does not heal well, what is known as scar tissue can develop. This cicatricial scar, due to insufficient care, can cause a large number of diseases that can lead to negative consequences for both the body and the soul. The main thing is that chronic human diseases can intensify, hormonal disorders, depression, allergies, fatigue, and mobility can be lost. The Healy “Skin” program is designed to prevent all this

Wound healing systemic

Activation of cell growth by local stimulation

Local wound healing

Energetic activation of cellular metabolism

Systemic acne

Energetic activation of the function of removing toxins and toxins

Scars systemic

Adjustment of bioenergetic interference fields in scars

Scars local

Local stimulation of scar tissue

Healy company offers you a unique device with smartphone app where you can self-diagnose and treat yourself using Quantum Wave Medicine!

Skin Program


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