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Deep Cycle


Deep Cycle


The Deep Cycle programs are a further evolution of the Gold Cycle programs and complement each other very well. The basis of these programs, as in the previous ones, is the practice of bringing the body into energy balance. These programs should be applied ONLY after prior preparation by the previously named programs. Deep Cycle should be approached gradually. “Deep Cycle” starts with three programs:


First Application

Gentle energy impact on the human aura, as well as energy stimulation on the kidneys and lungs. The program starts a person’s path to relaxation and balance. It also reduces the impact on the body of electromagnetic and chemical irritants

Second Application

Has the same effect as the First Application only with increased intensity and depth

Third Application

If you have tolerated the Second Application well, then you can proceed to the Third Application – an even deeper impact than the first two programs


Subsequent programs “Deep Cycle” are applied ONLY after passing the three initial:


Breath of Life

Elimination of problems in the sternum and lungs that are associated with weakness and depression

Clean All

Complete bioenergetic detoxification of the body and mind

Digest All

Eliminates all digestive problems

Go to the root

Used when the main problems are gone, as a finishing chord

Free flow

Bioenergetic help of blood supply and saturation of body cells with oxygen, plus the effect of complete muscle relaxation


Restoration of bone tissue in the postoperative period or after trauma. Particularly suitable for athletes

Kidney all male

Bioenergetic support for the kidneys in men. Provides activation of male energy, removes prostatitis and impotence

Kidney all female

Bioenergy support for the kidneys in women. Eliminates problems with menstruation, ovaries, vagina, bladder and genitourinary system. !DO NOT use the program for bleeding and menstruation!

Pure calm

The program promotes the formation of inner peace, balance in the soul and thoughts

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Deep Cycle