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Who made Healy


Who made Healy

Who-made-HealyDeep research in the field of quantum physics for decades, gave its enormous results. German scientists, Marcus Schmieke, Burkhard Heim, in collaboration with the Portuguese Nuno Nina, managed to create a new type of diagnostics and treatment of people and animals – the Healy device!

Marcus Schmieke – physicist and mathematician, lived in a Buddhist monastery for several years, Burkhard Heim – one of the strongest quantum physicists in Germany, Nuno Nina – researcher and therapist, who collected a collection of 144 thousand healing frequencies.

Before our eyes, there was a practical application of knowledge, about which Nikola Tesla and other outstanding people were still talking. Treat the causes, not the symptoms. Not chemical preparations that give illusory effects and results, but the root of the disease. Absolutely painless, without addiction and side effects. Healing as a whole – energy, frequency, vibration. If earlier it was necessary to look for a practicing witch, bioenergetics or go to Tibet in search of a lama or guru, now all this is available for home treatment. Only a Healy device, a smartphone and your faith.

Not only treatment is available in this device, but diagnostics – Resonance analysis of the Healy, unique in accuracy and speed. It is also called laser or quantum. No more tests and waste of money, everything is done in 5 minutes. The most acute problems in the body are identified and immediately there is a list of Healy programs for their treatment.

The principle of Healy treatment is simple – the device uses microcurrents to transfer healing frequencies to the human body. First, it scans your aura, after that, the corresponding program sends healing frequencies to your body, which interact, balance, stimulate the necessary parts of your aura. Simple, painless, not even taking your time, and most importantly – effectively right on target.

Healy company offers you a unique device with smartphone app where you can self-diagnose and treat yourself using Quantum Wave Medicine!