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Meridians 2


Meridians 2

Meridians-2Programs “Meridians 2” – a continuation of the complex for reflexology “Meridians 1” – painless reflexology at home.


Hormonal balance

Energetic balancing of the hormonal scheme

Blood circulation

Energetic normalization of blood flow


Energetic normalization of metabolism


Energetic balancing of the breathing scheme

Lymphatic system

Energetic normalization of the lymphatic scheme


Bioenergetic harmonizing of the stomach functions

Spleen and pancreas

Stimulation of the bioenergy area of the spleen and pancreas

Meridian of nerves

Energetic harmonizin of the nervous scheme functions


Energetic management of flowing balancing

Meridian of organs

Harmonization of bioenergy streams in internal organs

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Meridians 2


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