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Deep Cycle

Deep Cycle The Deep Cycle programs are a further evolution of the Gold Cycle programs and complement each other very well. The basis of these programs, as in the previous ones, is the practice of bringing the body into energy balance. These programs should be applied ONLY after prior preparation by the previously named programs.… Continue reading Deep Cycle

Bioenergetic Defence

Bioenergetic Defence Healy's "Bioenergetic Defense" programs are aimed at energy protection of the body from the negative effects of electrical appliances, mental overstrain, the influence of geopathic zones, and negative bioenergy effects. All protection programs act directly on the energy-information field.       General Protection Creating an energy shield-protection Electrosensitivity Creating energy protection against… Continue reading Bioenergetic Defence


Chakras Chakras or energy centers are the basis for techniques in yoga and spiritual healing work and form the basis of the energy healing of the human body. Chakras act as energy transformers, receiving energy flows from the Cosmos and the Earth. There are 7 chakras in the body, from the root to the crown,… Continue reading Chakras

Meridians 2

Meridians 2 Programs "Meridians 2" - a continuation of the complex for reflexology "Meridians 1" - painless reflexology at home.   Hormonal balance Energetic balancing of the hormonal scheme Blood circulation Energetic normalization of blood flow Liver Energetic normalization of metabolism Lungs Energetic balancing of the breathing scheme Lymphatic system Energetic normalization of the lymphatic… Continue reading Meridians 2

Meridians 1

Meridians 1 Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the energy in the human body flows through so-called channels or meridians. There are 12 main meridians, each of which is responsible for the corresponding system of internal organs. Acupuncture points are located on the meridians, the structure of which looks like pearls strung on a string. A… Continue reading Meridians 1

Bioenergetic Harmony 2

Bioenergetic Harmony 2 "Bioenergetic Harmony 2" - a continuation of the "Bioenergetic Harmony 1" set - a solution to everyday pressing health problems.   Gastrointestinal tract Gastrointestinal tract Bacteria Bacteria Tonsils Bioenergy balancing of the immunologicalscheme in infectious diseases Liver function Energetic triggering of kidney metabolic process Intolerances Energetic enhancement of eating allowance Toxins Bioenergy… Continue reading Bioenergetic Harmony 2

Bioenergetic Harmony 1

Bioenergetic Harmony 1 The Bioenergetic Harmony 1 software suite features the most needed applications for solving everyday life problems, which are compiled in accordance with the wishes of our users. Immune system Activation of energy protection of organs and systems Colds Energetic stabilization of the functioning of the mucous membranes Allergies Energy stabilization to relieve… Continue reading Bioenergetic Harmony 1

Mental Balance Program

Mental Balance Program The psyche and subconscious include complex processes that occur in the human body. Such as personal experiences, brain activity, a set of individual psychological characteristics of each person. In the body of each person, the body, spirit, and mind are united together. This has a downside - an imbalance in the psyche… Continue reading Mental Balance Program

Skin Program

Skin Program We are all not immune from the appearance of wounds, both accidental and violent, which can lead to a violation of the mucous membrane, the integrity of the skin or internal organs. Using the Healy "Skin" program, you are doing energy stimulation of the body that has abrasions, cuts, bruises, bruises, surgical wounds,… Continue reading Skin Program

Beauty Program

Beauty Program Skin care, which performs respiratory, metabolic and protective functions in the body, is vital. In addition, the skin personifies beauty, youth and health. The appearance of the skin is greatly influenced by a healthy intestine, inner harmony and a serene state. The Healy "Beauty" program uses all the accumulated tools for energy stimulation… Continue reading Beauty Program