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Nutrient resonant frequencies

Nutrient resonant frequencies All matter is made up of small particles called atoms, which in turn are made up of even smaller particles called subatomic particles (electrons, protons and neutrons). Now energy is defined in physics as the ability to do work or action, to produce motion, change or transformation. This branch of physics, which… Continue reading Nutrient resonant frequencies

Nutrition digital breakout

Nutrition digital breakout Physiotherapeutic techniques and manual therapy are ideal tools for the treatment of inflammation and chronic pain. However, there are studies that suggest that some patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain suffer from nutritional deficiencies or a change in nutritional balance, which, if corrected, can improve the condition, as several intervention studies have shown.… Continue reading Nutrition digital breakout

Resonant frequencies of nutrients

Resonant frequencies of nutrients It is a diagnostic and therapeutic method that allows you to restore organic balance, neutralize pathological waves that make the body sick, and improve the therapeutic waves that the body needs. More and more scientific research confirms the bioelectric and vibrational nature of man. Every cell in our organism has a… Continue reading Resonant frequencies of nutrients

Digital nutrition meaning

Digital nutrition meaning First of all, it is important to define what exactly "digital health" is. The concept of "digital health" or e-health is constantly evolving. It is a definition that has many variations. A concept that includes e-health, big data and artificial intelligence, and which focuses on three main areas: Health in our hands… Continue reading Digital nutrition meaning

Digital nutrition supplements

Food ordering using mobile phone
Digital nutrition supplements The constant penetration of digital devices into our daily life has brought us into the digital age. In the new digital age, Each individual can be fully defined on an individual level. This will lead to changes in several aspects of medicine as we know it today, including digital nutrition. We can… Continue reading Digital nutrition supplements

Digital nutritional supplements

Digital nutritional supplements If the rules of healthy eating are followed, most people do not need supplements. However, its use in the prevention of various diseases is widespread and is the subject of modern research. When it comes to cancer prevention, the nutrient requirement should only be met through a healthy diet. Supplements are generally… Continue reading Digital nutritional supplements

Digital health nutrition app

Digital health nutrition app Virtual Reality creates a highly immersive, visual and three-dimensional environment where you can manipulate virtual objects, multi-task or interact with other people. Virtual Healing Concerns about traditional treatments such as regra, drug use, and complex invasive surgery to treat are eliminated, saving both cost and time. For example, there are different… Continue reading Digital health nutrition app

Digital nutrition app

Digital nutrition app Life and food are inseparable, and food is the most important physiological need of existence. However, in every society food plays not only a nutritional but also a cultural, social, entertaining and even religious role that has evolved over time. Family, social or work meetings are planned at the table under the… Continue reading Digital nutrition app

Digital health nutrition

Digital health nutrition In the broadest sense of the word, we advocate for digital healthcare as the use of digital technologies to promote health. Although digital technologies have been used in devices, diagnostics, and other devices for decades, the concept of digital health was only embraced with the advent of devices related to cell phones,… Continue reading Digital health nutrition