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Feedback from Michaela

How difficult is it to say? I injured my gum with an irrigator. The device with the coil is always (I remind you need at least 2 days a week with wires), turned on the program for the teeth. The device in the region of the stomach on a ribbon. Ideally. And taking into account… Continue reading Feedback from Michaela

Feedback from Mike

Hi all! Yesterday, for the first time, they tried the effect on my daughter, who was very stressed at work, as a result she experienced severe nausea, weakness, frustration, there was a strong pulsation in the stomach. I received a program of cleanliness, care, existence, stress relief, a common organ meridian, a stomach. As a… Continue reading Feedback from Mike

Reviewed by Michelle

My mom’s leg is swollen. She told me that she stopped feeling it in places. I said that when we go to her place, I will bring the German Healy device with me. We arrived. I put on three programs for my mother on the first day of my stay with my mother and two… Continue reading Reviewed by Michelle

Feedback from Rebecca

  Yesterday I came in with a terrible headache (I worked for two days). I was given the following programs: Bioenergetic harmonization 2 + head + golden cycle (energy). The pain is completely gone. There was a lot of strength, I redid a bunch of things at home and no fatigue. My friend, who had… Continue reading Feedback from Rebecca

Feedback from Helen

  My husband complained for a week of pain in his arm cyst. I put him once the program “Fitness”. A day later, he remembered that his hand did not hurt ). Personally, I had a wild lack of energy. I slept intermittently for 10-12 hours a day. And she still got up tired. There… Continue reading Feedback from Helen

Feedback from Irene

    I got a little sick with a cold, put the Healy programs on treatment, and if earlier during the illness I experienced severe weakness, I couldn’t even get out of bed, now everything is much easier. I used the programs “Bioenergetic Harmony 1” plus, of course, warm drinks.